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The internet has changed the way we gather information and tell our own stories or get our own opinions out there for the world to see. Blogging is a new way to gain credible and, sometimes, not so credible information. TheĀ  most interesting thing about blogs is that you can find one on any subject that you could possibly think of. While researching this topic, most of the information I found about blogging was on, you guessed it, blogs (imagine that)!!! I tend to think of blogging as a way to express your feelings and put your ideas out there for people, that you will most likely never see, to read.

Why do people blog?

1) It gives the average person a voice. There are lots of blogs that do not get many visits but the mindset is in place that if your ideas are put out there, they will eventually be found.

2) It could be used as a way of advertising or reviewing a product.

Those are the two main reasons for blogging, according to Jeff Bullas, who happened to have compiled the information for the image.

I do see a disadvantage in blogging though. Blogging means that anyone can write whatever they want, whenever they want, about anything they want. What this can sometimes lead to is misinformation and conflict among other blog users and the people with the actual facts. This is why, although often times interesting, I don’t usually use blogs as a main resource for information, and I would say that most people don’t.

Some tips for people who blog would be to make sure you are stating fact and that you in no way mislead people in the conclusions or assumptions that you make.

I have always been interested to know why so many people blog. I have never blogged, except for this class, but the more and more I do it, I have to wonder why?! Of course, there is the obvious answers of, “it gives me a voice”, and “it’s just a hobby”. I know that some in this group blog, so maybe you would be able to answer that question!


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