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Extreme People

A subculture present all over is one with specific interest in the environment and nature. There are many names for these people, self-made and made by opposition. This culture can be analyzed because they have their own food, clothes, stores, websites, and even blogs. Here is an interesting definition I found that I will call this subculture throughout my post:

To be – A Tree Hugger -, to show your love and appreciations for Mother Nature, luckily is no longer a derogatory term, which was used by the Nation-Less Corporations, their PR goons, media, religious mullahs and the sold-out academia in the U.S. for the past 40 years, denigrating the rightfully concerned people who have been warning the humanity about the Global Warming and a whole range of environmental devastations caused by the nation-less corporations conducts all over the world. To become – A Tree Hugger – in fact should be a proud and honorable position to take and promote.



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