Why is it that we go through so many changes in our lives? we change schools, houses, rooms, majors, boyfriends/girlfriends, style, the way you live, taste, hair, body, phones, ideas, point is we change everything. but is change a good thing or a bad thing. Is there such thing as good and bad change? I would say yes there is a such thing as good and bad changes. we have at lease one change a day wether it be to change the way we do our hair in the morning or a bad change such as changing your attitude. change is everywhere.


I have lived in the same house my whole life and I am stubborn and do not want to move…ever. my plan is to get out of college my parents buy a new house and I keep this one. I don’t want to change cars or friends. I don’t want to change doctors or majors. I like my life the way it is and until something goes wrong I wont change. but should I be this way? shouldnt I want to change? change is a scary thing to me. I guess it’s not right to want everything the same for myself. sometimes we must change in order to please others and change for the better. I think change helps us mature into the people we are becoming. I know its for the better but why do i hate it? I am so stubborn I hate for people to tell me what to do and i guess that has something to do with it as well.  In the article, “Change-Good or Bad” they pretty much said if nothing had changed where would we be today. And how much i agree I just can’t seem to wrap my head around major changes. I still dont wanna change houses, doctors, schools, ect. but i guess that will come with time. I mean look at how far cell phones have come!


5 years ago, dubstep was a hipster’s best friend.  Nobody listened to it, nobody was putting dubstep tracks on their iPod playlists, and nobody was going out of their way to go to a dubstep concert.  Nowadays, however, dubstep is everywhere, and for most people there is no middle ground on the topic; people either love it or hate it.  Personally, I love it.  The rhythmic beats, the epic buildups, and the insanely heavy drops seem like the perfect “pump up” music, and frankly, I like the look I get when I tell people dubstep is my favorite genre of music.

Billboard.com writer Kerri Mason wrote a fantastic article on three major figureheads of this newly emerging dubstep craze that has swept not only America, but the world over.  The three men are formally known as Skrillex, A-Trak, and Diplo and have taken the scene by storm.

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Many people in the world just assume that the traditional  frat boy is a bumbling drunkard waiting for the next frat party. So the can play beer pong and chase the next sorority girl. Truth is there are some frat boys like that, but the whole system should not be judged by that or the horrible way the media portrays the greek system like the movie Animal House. In all actuality Fraternities and Sororities do many good things for not only communities but, for the lives of young men and women.

Consider this since the beginnings of the greek system in 1825 all but two presidents have been in fraternities. I believe this to be a prime example of the good things that fraternity men can accomplish. That is an astounding number. There is no way all of our presidents but two were all bumbling drunkard idiots and somehow became the leader of our nation. Not surprisingly many of the elitist in our society are Fraternity men.

Every fraternity and sorority have a philanthropy they fully endorse. A greek group is always doing something to help out at least once a year. So much money goes to many different groups and events to benefit less fortunate people. Think about how many fraternities and sororities are across the nation thats a lot of charity going many places.

So why do we never hear anything good about the greek system? It does good things like preparing young people to be the future leaders of america and gives back outstanding amounts of money to charity. So the next time you have a negative stereotype go through your mind about fraternities remember they aren’t the way the general public perceives them to be.

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Make It Your Own

Everywhere I go there seems to be someone talking about Pinterest, if you don’t know what pinterest is then here is a definition they give on their website: “Pinterest is a virtual pinboard”. At first glance most would think that it’s a website only for the artsy and crafty people but it is so much more than that it can become anything the user wants it to be. It’s sort of like that book that every young girl has with magazine cut outs of what her perfect wedding looks like except on pinterest you can create any event, the perfect house, perfect wardrobe, or anything and everything else you could think of all with a click of a button. One of my favorite things about the website is the social networking part, you get to share things you like or love with friends and then in turn they can also share theirs with you. Pinterest empowers users to share their taste with the world. It takes you away from your troubles for a while to a happy place where you can view things you enjoy and then go on to pin those things to boards for others to see.

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There’s an old saying that goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”…

Well I disagree!

At 74 (almost 75) years old my grandmother learned how to Google and email, despite the only computer knowledge she had being how to turn it on and play solitaire. And she’s not the only one! A CPS in October 2009 conducted by the U.S. Census reports that 42 percent of adults 65 years and older access the Internet from some location and 53 percent of older adults live in a household with Internet access. Older people are keeping up with the times even more nowadays.

But it’s not just stalking your Facebook profile that could be helping your grandmother. A study (documented by Web MD) shows that “older adults who learn to use the Internet to search for information experience a surge of activity in key decision-making and reasoning centers of the brain”. And an article in the New York Times by Stephanie Clifford interviewed a heart attack patient who was confined to her home who said, “I was dying of boredom,” Eons [a social networking site for aging baby boomers], all by its lonesome, gave me a reason to keep on going.”

Maybe this doesn’t give you a good enough reason to accept Nana’s friend request on Facebook when she finally discovers it (mine hasn’t yet but I’ve had my grandfather as a friend for a few years now), but maybe it will help you think a little more about helping her find some cool sites for people her age! Then again…maybe not.



If you want a bit of a laugh (and heck, show it to your grandmother…she may find it funny too) check out CollegeHumor.com’s “If Old People Ran The Internet”.


One thing that has come to my attention recently is the use of this little thing called “slut-shaming.” This is something thats used in our every day lives, and, for some strange reason, has become accepted in our culture. In the movie “Mean Girls” the issue is brought to light in an amusing way. But the reality of slut-shaming is a much more serious issue than you’d think – and one that I’m very tired of being a part of. Continue Reading »