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On December 31st, 2008 Hank Green sent an email to his brother, young adult author, John Green. The email set down rules for their upcoming video blog project that began the next day. This was the last textual communication they would have for the next year. Through the next year they exchanged back and forth videos through YouTube talking about various topics and in general getting to know each other better as adult siblings.

Despite beginning as  two guys the group quickly grew. Within a few months they had a website with a well populated forum, several “secret siblings,” and tons of viewers. These two guys, wanting to get to know their brother better began a community and did so much more. The project still continues, though they can now textually communicate again, and the community keeps growing. Now the question is why does this matter. This matters because of the values that Hank and John Green hold and promote through their interactions with each other and their community, lovingly known as NerdFighters. The values which are promoted are such good values as reading, being yourself, and loving knowledge as well as random trivia. Through the years they have done such things as donating $250,000 to Haiti post-earthquake, having more subscribers than Oprah, organizing a YouTube based record label, and organizing a YouTube conference known as VidCon.

This community, with its -nerdy- altruistic values has amazingly sprung up where most thought there were nothing but squirrels on skis. It is interesting to see how through providing a good wholesome place to interact kindly with one another the VlogBrothers, as they are known on YouTube, have fostered a community for all ages of nerds.

Here are some very nerdy songs, sung by my favorite brother Hank.




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The role of the First Lady is described as hostess of the White House. She plans special events and ceremonies in the White House. There have been many different types of first ladies. There has been very politically active first ladies and behind the scenes first ladies. The role of the First Lady has changed over the years, the first one to become a popular First Lady was Dolley Madison who was one of the first to use her role to bring spotlight to an issue in America. Eleanor Roosevelt’s  husband FDR was actually paralyzed by polio and was not able to tour the country, Eleanor took care of that for him and toured herself to let Americans know what was going on in Washington D.C. It wasn’t until around the late twentieth century that every First Lady used their office to promote a popular issue in America. Many have been seen as celebrities like Jackie Kennedy. Betty Ford supported Women’s Rights, Nancy Reagan fought the war on drugs, and Laura Bush supported children’s literacy all across the states. Hillary Clinton was married to the 42nd president of the United States, and was very politically active and continued her political career by becoming Senator for the state of New York and is currently the Secretary of State for President Barack Obama. Michelle Obama has started a program called “Lets Move” which is an exercise and healthy eating program for the children of America. The President is an elected official who’s opinions are very important because he is making decisions that affect our country and our every day lives. The First Lady is married to the president and is not an elected official and receives no salary. The question is what is it about the First lady that makes her opinion important? Why should americans listen to her opinion or ideas?

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The WWE, which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, is one of the biggest subcultures in America. For those who did not watch it growing up, the WWE  is wrestling between WWE superstars.This is what WRESTLEMANIA is. All the superstars the different WWE shows, like RAW, SMACKDOWN, etc, all come together and compete for titles. Some of the titles are: HeavyWeight Champion, TagTeam Champions, WWE Champions, etc. It is a “Do Not Miss Event” of the year. 

The WWE is a very big entertainment industry that brings in a big crowd. Usually guys are the ones who enjoy watching it, of course, and then again, there are some girls. I grew up with three brothers and so I automatically started to watch it. The more I watched it, the more addicting it become. Some people believe WWE is full of fake wrestling, which it is, and that it is a waste of time/money. Many people can back me up when I say it is not a waste. It is just like watch a sports game. Two wrestlers going head to head to see who the winner will be. Many people enjoy it because there is something new happening every week. It is almost like a TV series. One week the general manager will come out and put  twist on things and the next week there will be a different change. I do not think people understand how addicting the WWE can be. When you watch it once, it is like you have to keep watching to see what happens.

This particular subculture has action figures, appeal, and even custom made belts. A person can get there favorite wrestler action figures and have there own little match right at home. WWE also has many video games you can play. I know we have a couple at home and they never get old. 

Many people think the WWE is not appropriate for little kids but I disagree. I think it is a fun way for kids to have fun and get into something. By the age of 11, they will figure out that the WWE is all fake wrestling and no one is actually getting hurt. I know the kids I use to babysit for, which were six, loved playing and watching all the different WWE shows. I saw people just last week when Wrestlemania 28 was playing at Wild Wing cheering for their favorite superstars. Therefore, this is one subculture that will never be brought down!

My favorite Superstar is John Cena: 


He got defeated at Wrestlemania 28 by The Rock. 

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Why is it that we go through so many changes in our lives? we change schools, houses, rooms, majors, boyfriends/girlfriends, style, the way you live, taste, hair, body, phones, ideas, point is we change everything. but is change a good thing or a bad thing. Is there such thing as good and bad change? I would say yes there is a such thing as good and bad changes. we have at lease one change a day wether it be to change the way we do our hair in the morning or a bad change such as changing your attitude. change is everywhere.


I have lived in the same house my whole life and I am stubborn and do not want to move…ever. my plan is to get out of college my parents buy a new house and I keep this one. I don’t want to change cars or friends. I don’t want to change doctors or majors. I like my life the way it is and until something goes wrong I wont change. but should I be this way? shouldnt I want to change? change is a scary thing to me. I guess it’s not right to want everything the same for myself. sometimes we must change in order to please others and change for the better. I think change helps us mature into the people we are becoming. I know its for the better but why do i hate it? I am so stubborn I hate for people to tell me what to do and i guess that has something to do with it as well.  In the article, “Change-Good or Bad” they pretty much said if nothing had changed where would we be today. And how much i agree I just can’t seem to wrap my head around major changes. I still dont wanna change houses, doctors, schools, ect. but i guess that will come with time. I mean look at how far cell phones have come!

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Many people in the world just assume that the traditional  frat boy is a bumbling drunkard waiting for the next frat party. So the can play beer pong and chase the next sorority girl. Truth is there are some frat boys like that, but the whole system should not be judged by that or the horrible way the media portrays the greek system like the movie Animal House. In all actuality Fraternities and Sororities do many good things for not only communities but, for the lives of young men and women.

Consider this since the beginnings of the greek system in 1825 all but two presidents have been in fraternities. I believe this to be a prime example of the good things that fraternity men can accomplish. That is an astounding number. There is no way all of our presidents but two were all bumbling drunkard idiots and somehow became the leader of our nation. Not surprisingly many of the elitist in our society are Fraternity men.

Every fraternity and sorority have a philanthropy they fully endorse. A greek group is always doing something to help out at least once a year. So much money goes to many different groups and events to benefit less fortunate people. Think about how many fraternities and sororities are across the nation thats a lot of charity going many places.

So why do we never hear anything good about the greek system? It does good things like preparing young people to be the future leaders of america and gives back outstanding amounts of money to charity. So the next time you have a negative stereotype go through your mind about fraternities remember they aren’t the way the general public perceives them to be.

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Was your freshmen year in college very stressful? What was causing the stress? How did you deal with it?

In Lewin’s article, “Record Level of Stress Found in College Freshmen”, emphases on how stress can cause a lot of problem for the students. She claims that,”For many young people, serious stress starts before college.” As a Senior in high school, I was so overwhelmed and stressed out.  I agree that stress starts before college. For an example,  I had a huge English project that took my sleep away. I would only get about 2 to 3 hours of sleep a night.  I was so stressed out that I constantly did not eat or sleep, because I was so determined to get my deadlines accomplished.  As my Senior year progressed, I kept getting sick. I did not tell anyone that I was stressed out.

Now as a Freshman in college, I am still getting stressed over my class assignments and preparing for a test. My first semester was horrible, I was failing all my tests in each class. Finally I went to the counselor’s office to get some help. If you do not seek for help, then you are hurting yourself. Talking it out to a counselor or a family member, it will help decrease being stressful.  In the following quote, it seems like the boys are trying to be strong and brave for their feelings, but in reality their body is shutting down.

“Boys are socialized not to talk about their feelings or express stress, while girls are more likely to say they’re having a tough time,” said Perry C. Francis, coordinator for counseling services at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. “Guys might go out and do something destructive, or stupid, that might include property damage. Girls act out differently.”

In this video below, “Stress in College Life”, will help people worldwide to understand how stress can affect your body. In the video I did not know that when you are stress that some people will crave for food. I would sometimes do not eat or not sleep and suffer the consequences later, whatever that may be.

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Tragic Pedestals

Tragic Pedestals

What makes someone a Legend? does it matter if they are infamous or famous? Whitney Houston was one of the most famous celebrities of our time. She was a star of film and voice, and according to the record books she was one the most awarded female artist. She has won 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, and 22 American Music Awards. There is no doubt about it, Whitney Houston was a very talented woman. At what point, though, does talent matter more or less than personal life decisions of said person? Whitney Houston, while being an awesome singer and actress, has had some pretty bad life situations. Whitney Houston married Bobby Brown and rumors of their drug use started to circulate, and soon was arrested for possession of marijuana. Before Whitney Houston died on February 12th, 2012 the druggie and alcoholic jokes were endless. The second she died it was as if everyone was over the bad things that had happened and only remembered all the good. This became somewhat of a controversial issue with people posting status’ like:


“Whitney Houston was a drug addict who burned out long ago. Not a legend nor someone to look up to. It’s become a craze to freak out when celebrities die. At least save your excitement and despair for someone who actually impacted the world in a positive manner.”


and then others posting status’ like:


“You were my very first c.d and the reason why I appreciate music. i love you whitney houston”


In hollywood today you start to see a trend of this same event happening. Before Michael Jackson died everyone called him everything from child molester to druggie, and people constantly talked about how he was an awful person, but the second he died he was one of the greatest musicians of our time, and it was as if we forgot every awful thing we hated him for. Also, with Amy Winehouse people called her a crackhead, and constantly talked about how, no pun intended, she should go to rehab. Once again just like with Michael and Whitney; the second she died we forgave her for all the awful things that ever happened. I feel as though when it comes to our daily lives people are not naturally that forgiving, so why is it when it comes to our celebrities that we forgive so easily? Is it because when we are a fan of someone we don’t want to believe that they do such awful things. Which brings me to the point of celebrities and the pedestals we put them on. Celebrities are not chosen by us. They are not Congressmen or the President of the United States of America. We do not elect them so why is it that we get to decide what is right or wrong of them? I think something we all forget is that celebrities are still human, they screw up just like the rest of us. The difference is that Celebrities are watched constantly, twenty-four seven. When we screw up, yeah our friends and family might find out, but when they screw up most of earth’s population hears about it. When it comes to celebrities with worse reputations, the question is what matters more, what they do or what service they provide for us? Can you look past Whitney Houstons drug addiction if your favorite song is “I Wanna Dance with Somebody?” What makes someone a legend, and what do they have to do to be forgiven, or be exiled from stardom?


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