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Since texting is the new social communication, I believe it is time to accept it. As we learn to accept it, people should learn proper texting etiquette. Texting is similar to talking to someone in person. Therefore, people should learn to text the same way. For example, those fellow folks who just say “ok” in  a face to face conversation end up stopping the conversation. It is the same as texting, so don’t do it! Sending a text that contains one letter or word sometimes ruin the whole virtual conversation.

Take this video for insistence:

Sorry about the language…

This video, I believe, says it all. People now seem too busy to talk on the phone, so they find the simplest way to communicate with someone is through texting.

Like we talked about in class, there are a lot of abbreviations that help you not have to spell out the whole word. I find this very useful because for those who are bad spellers, this is very helpful. For example, personally, I always have trouble spelling the word “definitely”. So the abbreviations would be “def”. Another reason why a person would want to use an abbreviations instead of the word is because it is quicker. To keep up with this fast pace technology, “texters” are starting to use these abbreviations to get through a text faster so they can open there next text or get back to whatever they are doing.

Here is a chart of all the abbreviations a person can use in place of a word:


I hope these abbreviations make your texting lives easier and faster!


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