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The University of Montevallo is unique in a lot of ways.  We have college night, cherished brick roads, and countless battalions of squirrels.  But that’s not the only thing that stands out here.  As you get to know the campus, you cannot help but notice the unusually high density of openly homosexual students.  It is a little phenomenon in Alabama, like an oasis amidst a desert of heated intolerance.



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The internet has changed the way we gather information and tell our own stories or get our own opinions out there for the world to see. Blogging is a new way to gain credible and, sometimes, not so credible information. The  most interesting thing about blogs is that you can find one on any subject that you could possibly think of. While researching this topic, most of the information I found about blogging was on, you guessed it, blogs (imagine that)!!! I tend to think of blogging as a way to express your feelings and put your ideas out there for people, that you will most likely never see, to read.

Why do people blog?

1) It gives the average person a voice. There are lots of blogs that do not get many visits but the mindset is in place that if your ideas are put out there, they will eventually be found.

2) It could be used as a way of advertising or reviewing a product.

Those are the two main reasons for blogging, according to Jeff Bullas, who happened to have compiled the information for the image.

I do see a disadvantage in blogging though. Blogging means that anyone can write whatever they want, whenever they want, about anything they want. What this can sometimes lead to is misinformation and conflict among other blog users and the people with the actual facts. This is why, although often times interesting, I don’t usually use blogs as a main resource for information, and I would say that most people don’t.

Some tips for people who blog would be to make sure you are stating fact and that you in no way mislead people in the conclusions or assumptions that you make.

I have always been interested to know why so many people blog. I have never blogged, except for this class, but the more and more I do it, I have to wonder why?! Of course, there is the obvious answers of, “it gives me a voice”, and “it’s just a hobby”. I know that some in this group blog, so maybe you would be able to answer that question!

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Everyone know what is going on the Basketball Championship between Kentucky and Kansas. When there is a big game who is the first people to be their? The Fans and these are no oridnary fans, these are fans who love “their” team and will get to the game even if it means going through sleet, snow, rain, they will do anything to get to their game. We all know that when there is a game there has to be a winner and there has to be a loser and when one of these teams loses the fans who are crazy for their team become pycho because their team lost. Here is the story. This below is what happened repeat of Monday and what the police had to do, what some of students are saying about what will happen and others. Interesting how when one loss of a game can make a whole community of people do things they certainly would not do on normal circumstances.

Police are forcefully warning Kentucky fans that a repeat Monday of the dangerous weekend celebrations won’t be tolerated for the game to decide college basketball’s national champion.


 Lexington Police Chief Ronnie Bastin said some revelers Saturday night acted in a ”dangerous and criminal” way by setting fires, overturning cars and hurling bottles into the air.”This behavior cannot and will not be tolerated,” Bastin said at a news conference Monday at police headquarters. ”We want to send a clear and strong message that individuals who engage in this behavior will be investigated and prosecuted.”Police made more than 30 arrests near the UK campus Saturday night for arson, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, and authorities are expecting more arrests from that night’s revelry. Police showed the media photos of people in Saturday night’s crowds who have been targeted for arson and assault charges once they are identified. Bastin said patrols would be beefed up for Monday before and after the game, but he declined to give details.Some students on campus in Lexington Monday said the partying could be more intense if Kentucky defeats Kansas for its eighth national title.”I think it’s going to be terrible. Lock your doors,” said Andy Mains, a 25-year-old student studying social work. Even if the Wildcats lose, he said, ”it’ll be just as bad, lock your doors no matter what.”


 Dynamic Duo
Sure, these guys are recruiting stars. But Bill Self and John Calipari are so much more than that. DAN WOLKENN Mains said he and other students were a little embarrassed by the raucous behavior Saturday night.”It shows that we can’t handle our liquor,” he said.University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto also issued a warning Monday ahead of the game, which tips off at 9:23 p.m. EST. Capilouto said the rowdy behavior detracted from the success of the players ”who have worked tirelessly to represent UK at a national level.””I implore you to be safe, be respectful, and don’t be stupid,” Capilouto said in a statement.UK’s campus was peaceful Monday afternoon, but excitement was in the air as blue-clad fans and students eagerly anticipated Kentucky’s first trip to the title game in 14 years.Shouts of ”Go Cats!” and honking horns were already audible near the campus’ main library in the early afternoon.Across the street, sophomore Colby Myers and a friend were constructing a humorous tribute to Kentucky star forward and AP Player of the Year Anthony Davis. In the front yard of the Farmhouse Fraternity on Hilltop Avenue, they were sticking black plastic forks in the ground in the shape of Davis’s bushy eyebrows – which Myers and other fans endearingly call Davis’ ”unibrow.”Myers, a 19-year-old agriculture student from Harrodsburg, said he hopes fans keep the celebration safe if Kentucky wins.”I think it’s a little extreme, flipping cars and stuff, there’s other ways to celebrate without doing all that,” Myers said.University officials at the news conference Monday afternoon also warned students that aside from criminal charges, students could face suspension or expulsion for bad behavior.”Students are reminded that inappropriate action can impact their academic career for years to come,” said UK Dean Victor Hazard.

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5 years ago, dubstep was a hipster’s best friend.  Nobody listened to it, nobody was putting dubstep tracks on their iPod playlists, and nobody was going out of their way to go to a dubstep concert.  Nowadays, however, dubstep is everywhere, and for most people there is no middle ground on the topic; people either love it or hate it.  Personally, I love it.  The rhythmic beats, the epic buildups, and the insanely heavy drops seem like the perfect “pump up” music, and frankly, I like the look I get when I tell people dubstep is my favorite genre of music.

Billboard.com writer Kerri Mason wrote a fantastic article on three major figureheads of this newly emerging dubstep craze that has swept not only America, but the world over.  The three men are formally known as Skrillex, A-Trak, and Diplo and have taken the scene by storm.


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After a couple of hours of browsing youtube for an interesting video to write about, I stumbled upon this.  At first glance, High Five Etiquette just seems like another funny video that was submitted by someone who has way too much time on their hands (more…)

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Make It Your Own

Everywhere I go there seems to be someone talking about Pinterest, if you don’t know what pinterest is then here is a definition they give on their website: “Pinterest is a virtual pinboard”. At first glance most would think that it’s a website only for the artsy and crafty people but it is so much more than that it can become anything the user wants it to be. It’s sort of like that book that every young girl has with magazine cut outs of what her perfect wedding looks like except on pinterest you can create any event, the perfect house, perfect wardrobe, or anything and everything else you could think of all with a click of a button. One of my favorite things about the website is the social networking part, you get to share things you like or love with friends and then in turn they can also share theirs with you. Pinterest empowers users to share their taste with the world. It takes you away from your troubles for a while to a happy place where you can view things you enjoy and then go on to pin those things to boards for others to see.

So, why is Pinterest important? (more…)

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There’s an old saying that goes “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”…

Well I disagree!

At 74 (almost 75) years old my grandmother learned how to Google and email, despite the only computer knowledge she had being how to turn it on and play solitaire. And she’s not the only one! A CPS in October 2009 conducted by the U.S. Census reports that 42 percent of adults 65 years and older access the Internet from some location and 53 percent of older adults live in a household with Internet access. Older people are keeping up with the times even more nowadays.

But it’s not just stalking your Facebook profile that could be helping your grandmother. A study (documented by Web MD) shows that “older adults who learn to use the Internet to search for information experience a surge of activity in key decision-making and reasoning centers of the brain”. And an article in the New York Times by Stephanie Clifford interviewed a heart attack patient who was confined to her home who said, “I was dying of boredom,” Eons [a social networking site for aging baby boomers], all by its lonesome, gave me a reason to keep on going.”

Maybe this doesn’t give you a good enough reason to accept Nana’s friend request on Facebook when she finally discovers it (mine hasn’t yet but I’ve had my grandfather as a friend for a few years now), but maybe it will help you think a little more about helping her find some cool sites for people her age! Then again…maybe not.



If you want a bit of a laugh (and heck, show it to your grandmother…she may find it funny too) check out CollegeHumor.com’s “If Old People Ran The Internet”.


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