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Extreme People

A subculture present all over is one with specific interest in the environment and nature. There are many names for these people, self-made and made by opposition. This culture can be analyzed because they have their own food, clothes, stores, websites, and even blogs. Here is an interesting definition I found that I will call this subculture throughout my post:

To be – A Tree Hugger -, to show your love and appreciations for Mother Nature, luckily is no longer a derogatory term, which was used by the Nation-Less Corporations, their PR goons, media, religious mullahs and the sold-out academia in the U.S. for the past 40 years, denigrating the rightfully concerned people who have been warning the humanity about the Global Warming and a whole range of environmental devastations caused by the nation-less corporations conducts all over the world. To become – A Tree Hugger – in fact should be a proud and honorable position to take and promote.



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A great topic of conversation/debate that was brought up in class, a few weeks ago, was this idea that Facebook and other social networking sites influence our lives — possibly too much.  Furthermore, there was a more specific idea that there is this culture — predominately younger — that identifies themselves and others by these websites. Michael Hernandez a CNN writer addresses a few of the many standards that this culture utilizes in his article “How do you know your love is real? Check Facebook.” Basically, Hernandez reports a handful of interviews with college students across America. He provides both opinions of this concept that the relationship status option on Facebook solidifies relationships. Hernandez provides college students personal testimonies regarding relationships and Facebook as well as common stereotypes they share and do not agree with.


One of the common beliefs with this culture of Facebook users is that their relationship does not have the same significance if it is not “Facebook Official” — aka FBO for you hipsters out there. This term, FBO, has a meaning that is beyond its simple three letters and Chris Neal, a 20-year-old sophomore at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, explains this ambiguous concept: “When it’s listed on Facebook it’s public knowledge,” he said. “Guys won’t try to come get with a girl in a relationship and girls won’t come to get with a guy. It’s like marking your territory.” Mr. Neal brings up an exceptional point here that begins to illuminate this FBO nonsense — the relationship status is just a way to “mark your territory.” The relationship status has cured the social cancer — that awkward situation when you do not know if that guy or girl is in a relationship, right? Wrong. Further in Hernandez’s article is a story of Ashley Shinn, a 22-year-old from the University of North Texas, where she was unaware that she was in a relationship until asked to confirm it via Facebook. She explains, “We didn’t talk about it, then we kissed and then that night he sent me that request,” on Facebook, she said. “Without discussing it. I was like, ‘Oh, OK, I guess.'” It seems that Facebook does not fully rid that malignant tumor of awkwardness… However, it can help create it.

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Since texting is the new social communication, I believe it is time to accept it. As we learn to accept it, people should learn proper texting etiquette. Texting is similar to talking to someone in person. Therefore, people should learn to text the same way. For example, those fellow folks who just say “ok” in  a face to face conversation end up stopping the conversation. It is the same as texting, so don’t do it! Sending a text that contains one letter or word sometimes ruin the whole virtual conversation.

Take this video for insistence:

Sorry about the language…

This video, I believe, says it all. People now seem too busy to talk on the phone, so they find the simplest way to communicate with someone is through texting.

Like we talked about in class, there are a lot of abbreviations that help you not have to spell out the whole word. I find this very useful because for those who are bad spellers, this is very helpful. For example, personally, I always have trouble spelling the word “definitely”. So the abbreviations would be “def”. Another reason why a person would want to use an abbreviations instead of the word is because it is quicker. To keep up with this fast pace technology, “texters” are starting to use these abbreviations to get through a text faster so they can open there next text or get back to whatever they are doing.

Here is a chart of all the abbreviations a person can use in place of a word:


I hope these abbreviations make your texting lives easier and faster!

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       What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the words, “Speech and Debate”? For most it may be, “wow, that’s lame”, or “wow…nerd”. For me and hundreds of people I know, those words spark, “Ahhh!! Can’t wait for another debate tournament”. Debate is far too often stereotyped and if we always seem so excited about it, then maybe you should be concerned. Most often times it is something that sounds unappealing. Many people do not know about it because they really have no interest for it.

There are two types of debate and ten different speeches that people can compete in. The first type of debate is Lincoln Douglas debate where two people debate on a value resolution. The other type of debate is team policy debate in which there are two people on a team that debate a U.S. policy reform. A common misconception that people associate with debate is, “all debate is, is arguing.” It is much more complex than that. It is formulating arguments in an effective manner. That does not always happen when a heated argument is going on.

As far as speeches go, there are speeches such as impromptu speaking, humorous interpretation, and persuasive speaking. This video is an example of a type of speech that is performed called a Duo Interpretation. It is hilarious so please watch! It gives a great taste of what speech and debate is! So, I was wondering if any of you ever considered or competed in speech and debate. If not, did you ever have a desire to?

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As college students, our main source of communication is texting. I do it because I hate talking on the phone. Other people consider texting a quick and easy way to send a short message. But is our obsession with texting hindering our ability to communicate face-to-face?


In an article about this issue, Theresa Kasallis gives examples of how texting is causing some students to lose relationships. She says that one couple broke up because the only way they communicated was through texting. To me, this just sounds like a lame excuse to break up with your girlfriend.

Nowadays, before teenagers start to date, they constantly text back-and-forth to get to know each other. In my experience with this, all it does is make it awkward to talk to each other in person. You could know a million random facts about someone but have nothing to talk about. Maybe texting constantly causes couples to know too much about one another too soon. Should we learn to get to know each other face-to-face so we could have a more personal connection? I think so.


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Racism or Hilarity?


Stereotypes are a big part of our society though people have different ideas as to whether they are ridiculous and humorous or if they are offensive and demeaning. What are the rules that should be followed when dealing with racial stereotypes? Or should we just abandon all stereotypes and evaluate people on a person to person basis? (more…)

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I saw this video earlier today and I really liked it’s message.  It also made me think of the social media discussion we had in class today and how there’s such a difference in the people we communicate with virtually and the people we communicate with every day.  Telling someone “Happy Birthday” on Facebook isn’t going to receive nearly as much gratitude as if you called them or told them in person.

Maybe I’m being too negative but I don’t think people today are thankful enough for everything and everyone around them.  Take the time to look around and you’ll see the world is a pretty amazing place.

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