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Hi! I’m Hannah Brindley Wheeler. I’m a 19 year old, college student, with a love for starry-skies, lyrics, words, my Savior, and…boys. If I had to sum me up, I would call myself a “hopeless romantic”, because, well, I am pretty hopeless. I’m not sure about the romantic part, but I like to believe I am, anyways. I’m mainly hear to share my story. Everything I write *really* happened. And as they say on almost every show nowadays, “Some names have been changed to protect the innocent”, or as I like to say, “to protect the cheating, lying, back-stabbing” people in my life. Yeah, I have friends. LOTS of friends…but that’s not as fun to right about. Hope you enjoy! *Please* leave me comments or write me! I would love to know there are people reading! =)

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